How To Start A Cereal Business In Nairobi

How To Start A Cereal Business In Nairobi – Cereal Business Ideas

Many are the people who are starting their businesses either as a side hustle or as a permanent job.

Nairobi being the capital city it has many opportunities that can be exploited to earn money.

For instance, starting a cereal business can be very beneficial, and the capital required is fair.

How Much Capital To Start A Cereal Business In Nairobi?

The best capital to venture into the cereal business is at least 15,000 Kenyan shillings.

With this, you can start by buying 10kg of each cereal in demand.

If you have your building, you can skip the rent part, but if you are renting, you will need some rent depending on the cost of the building.

Tips To Starting A Cereal Business In Nairobi

Here are some vital tips to consider when starting a Cereal business in  Nairobi:

1. As a Kenyan, you will also have the responsibility to pay tax at KRA for your business.

2. Know the cereals that you are going to stock your business with.

3. Know how you will store your cereals so that rodents can’t spoil them or humidity cant as cereals require careful handling.

4. To start, you will need to research the market. Find a place with many customers and ready cereals for purchase.

5. The next thing you will have to do is identify a safe business location and easily be accessed by consumers.

6. Another important thing to do is acquire a business permit from the authorities.

7. Last but not least, calculate the costs of the rent, the cost of business licenses and permits, and the cost of the cereals.

Those are some of the best tips for the cereal enterprise in Nairobi, Kenya.

What Are Some Of The Cereals I Can Stock In My Business?

Below is a list of some highly demanded cereals in Nairobi:

  • Green grams also referred to as Ndengu, include nylon, Makueni, and ordinary ones.
  • Wheat
  • Groundnuts
  • Sorghum or porridge flour-wimbi, mama, male, baridi
  •  Maize
  • Beans which include yellow beans, Nyayo, Rocco, Butter beans, Gachuma and Mwitemania
  • Rice which also has a variety some of the common ones are Pure Mwea, Pakistan, Sindano, Basmati, Five stars,

Benefits Of Starting A Cereal Business In Nairobi

The cereal business is profitable as people cannot go a day without consuming food.

Cereals have a long term before they can expire; thus, you are assured of swelling some of it, if not all, before the term of expiry ends.

That is all you must know about how to start a cereal business in Nairobi.

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