How to start a drinks business in Lagos

How To Start Drinks Business In Lagos – Profitable Drinks Business Ideas

Mostly, you need some chilled soft drinks to complete your heavy meal at lunch, and in Nigeria such practice is normal. So in today’s business guide, we shall show you how to start drinks business in Lagos.

As a result of the high demand for soft drinks in Nigeria, the market is very lucrative and highly profitable.

There are many drinks to choose from for sales, soft drinks, alcohol, and wine, and bottled water. 

Most of the popular drinks sold in Lagos are mainly soft drinks.

The soft drinks business is lucrative, especially in places where there is large human traffic.

Also, the soft drink business is an easy business to start and earn money from it.

The rate at which soft drinks are taken in Nigeria is very high.

So you see it has great demands.

Requirements To Start A Drink Business In Lagos

1. Capital – the capital required to open a drink business will depend on the types of drinks you want to venture into.

The amount of initial capital will also depend on the size of your company.

2. Rent – look for a business premise where there is a higher possibility of human traffic.

Places with stopovers especially.

Find a suitable place where people can stop and pack their cars or somewhere people can sit and enjoy a drink.

3. Set your business premise to look beautiful – The way you organize and arrange your business helps attract customers.

Make it look attractive from a distance.

Also, make sure the business premises is always clean.

d. Choose what you want to sell – you can choose from selling alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, bottled water, and wine.

The drinks you choose to sell will help manage your business well.

Steps You Must Follow Increase Your Soft Drinks Sales In Lagos

Here are the basic steps you need to follow to start a successful drinks business in Lagos, Nigeria:

1. First, decide on the type of soft drink you want to sell.

2. Rent a shop or have a container depending on the type of drink business you want to start.

3. Purchase the necessary equipment needed like plastic chairs and tables.

4. Register as a distributor or as a retailer with the local authorities.

5. Start selling your soft drinks and make sure you earn more profits.

List Of Common Soft Drinks Sold In Lagos

Below is a list of top Soft drinks sold in Lagos:

  • Schweppes
  • Coca-Cola
  • Spirits
  • Maltina
  •  Matl
  • Choco drink 
  •  Lacasera
  • Smooth Chapman
  •  Fanta energy monster
  • Pepsi
  • Yogurt
  • Gala
  • Milk drinks
  • Beverages

Types Drinks Business In Lagos

There are two types of soft drink business in Lagos:

1. Soft drinks distribution business – this involves selling soft drinks as a distributor to soft drink buyers.

This usually requires a large profit to start.

2. Soft drinks retailing business – this is where you buy the soft drinks from the distributors and sell directly to consumers in small quantities.

This business does not require a large capital. It only requires you to market your own business.

That is all you need to start your soft drinks business in Lagos.

Do come back and read more as we shall update this post with more relevant tips.


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