How To Register Partnership Business In Ghana

How To Successfully Register For Partnership Business In Ghana In 2024

Are you a proprietor who wants to partner with new investors but doesn’t know how to go about it? Worry not. In this business guide, we are going to help you with information on how to register a partnership business in Ghana.

The partnership consists of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 20 persons who combine some or all of their resources or skills intending to make a profit.

Types Of Partnership That Can Be Registered In Ghana

The following are the types of partnerships that can be registered in Ghana:

1. General partnership – individuals who run this business as partners or co-workers develop a business agreement indicating the role and shares of every partner.

This type of partnership has to state in their agreement states how the business will be sold when the business closes or stop running.

2. Limited partnership – this type of partnership consists of at least a limited partner and a general partner.

The limited partner only invests in the business but does not play a role in the decision-making and running of the business.

Here, the business is mainly run by the general partner, and it makes this kind of business always attractive to investors.

3. Limited liability partnership – this type of partnership is a separate entity with the full liability of its assets, but the liability of partners is limited depending on their agreed contribution.

You might already be in partnership, but your business keeps attracting new investors who want to join the business.

As soon as the business accepts new investors, they have to be registered as part of business owners or partners.

Do you know where to register your partnership business?

Then, you are reading the right article because the information which is going to be shared next in this article will guide you on the processes you have to go through to get your partnership business certificate.

Forms For Partnership Business Registration In Ghana

Visit the office of the Registrar General’s Department and pick the form Private Partnership Registration Form B, or you can download it online through this link

The following are the requirement to provide on form B of the partnership business registration:

1. Partnership Name

2. Nature of business/sector

3. Principal business activity

4. Business address information

5. Registered office address

6. Other places of business

7. Postal address

8. Contact

9. Partner(s) details

10. Particulars of charges on partnership assets

11. MSME details

12. Business operating permit (BOP) request

13. Declaration

Those are the main requirements on form B.

What Are The Steps For Registering Partnership Business In Ghana?

If you want to register for a partnership business in Ghana, here are the basic steps you need to follow:

  • Pick and fill the form for incorporation of partnership with the requirement of the form listed above.
  • Provide a stamped partnership agreement at Land Valuation Board (Lands Commission).
  • Submit filled forms at the office of the Registrar General’s Department for verification and capturing.
  • Pay a fee of 160 Ghana cedis for processing at the office of the Registrar General’s Department.
  • The registrar will examine, approve and issue a certificate of incorporation.
  • File annual audited returns at 50 Ghana cedis together with audited accounts.

The step-by-step guide stated above is the process to go through for a successful partnership business registration in Ghana.

That is the information at our disposal on how to register a partnership business in Ghana.

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