List of Business Ideas In Lagos

Top 90 Profitable Business Ideas & Opportunities In Lagos For 2024

Are you searching for business ideas in Lagos, Nigeria? If you are, then this blog post is for. You will find it useful as there are easy-to-start business ideas with low capital. Lagos is one of the largest cities in Nigeria, with over 14 million people; hence there are numerous business opportunities you can start today and make millions.

These business ideas are practical such that you can easily start and do the business without hassle. More so, these are freshly brainstormed ideas, no copy-pasting.

Lagos is a city of business opportunities, and these ideas will help you grab the opportunity and build Business Empire.

Here is the list of business ideas in Lagos:

1. Uber Business Idea In Lagos

Since Uber entered Lagos, Nigeria in 2014, it opened a business opportunity to many people.

Even today, the 2021 Uber business is one of the business ideas in Lagos; you can think about it.

It is a profitable business as more people prefer to be carried around the city with tax.

It is easy to venture into the Uber business as far as you meet the requirements.

You can rest assured to make a profit as each day more people are coming to the city and more people demand quality Taxi service.

2. Start a Jewellery Business

In Lagos, the buying and sale of gold and other precious metals is a multibillion-dollar industry.

It is an ideal business idea and can make a fortune out of business.

There is a range of jewelry pieces you can sell, ranging from necklaces to rings.

If you can sell high-quality jewelry, you can even attract more customers and make huge profits.

For instance, many people prefer Gold Jewelries as wedding presents, and it is sometimes offered to brides by their families or even their husbands.

The wealthy often places a high value on high-end jewelry.

They account for most gold and jewelry trade, with the Kano state being the most important trading center.

3. Delivery Business Opportunity In Lagos

With the growing number of Internet users, e-commerce businesses are on the rise. Every day there is the launching of a new eCommerce business, and also, more people are shopping from home.

Today a business without an actual online presence is missing out, and it won’t be long before everyone follows suit, as no one wants to be on the losing end.

It is a new approach that opens new business opportunities and lets you grab the opportunity today.

Lagos is a huge city with a huge population; thus, you can be assured that you can start a delivery business if you link up with various eCommerce stores.

The delivery ranges from delivering groceries, food, gifts, or pizza, among other things. Furthermore, many eCommerce is looking for people to offer delivery services.

Hence if you are looking for Business ideas in Lagos, the delivery business should be at the top of the list.

4. Foodstuff Business Ideas In Nigeria

Food is a basic commodity, and this makes the foodstuff business profitable. That is why agriculture is one of the profitable ventures in Nigeria.

The population in Lagos makes even this business the best to think about as the demand for foodstuff is high.

There is always profit you can make, regardless of how small or large the foodstuff business is.

Also, regardless of your venue, whether you are selling in a market or at home, you can profit.

There are different foodstuffs to sell; thus, you can even make your foodstuff business unique to attract customers.

More so, you will make a difference in today’s world if you try to keep your shop clean. Customers will flock to buy from you.

5. Start A POS Business in Lagos

Lagos is a huge city, and not every part has a bank, which offers an opportunity to start a POs business.

The POS industry has provided individuals and business owners with additional sources of income by facilitating financial transactions in various locations.

If you get to open POS business in a strategic location where there is no bank around, you will make huge profits at no time.

Besides, it is common knowledge that money trading or other money-related ventures are extremely profitable.

6. Restaurant Business Ideas In Lagos

Food, along with shelter and clothes, is considered to be man’s most important need.

After all, if you’re fasting or busy, you’ll always eat, so no one can avoid feeding.

If you have been storming business ideas in Lagos, you should take advantage of this opportunity right now and open your restaurant in Nigeria.

If you get to open restraint in a busy location where it is easy to access, people will flock to your restaurant.

It can be set up in a market, a school setting, a motor park, or an office area, especially one with many offices, such as a bank.

You can make your restaurant in Lagos stand out if you offer high-quality services and build a positive reputation.

7. Start A Cleaning Business Opportunity

With so many homes, schools, businesses, and churches outsourcing cleaning services these days, cleaning businesses make a huge profit.

Additionally, the cleaning business also entails cleaning the clothes. People are so busy that they don’t have time to clean their clothes hence they will seek cleaning services.

If you have been searching for business ideas in Lagos, then the cleaning business is thriving, and this is the right time to grab this business opportunity.

It is an easy business to start, but you need skills, and it doesn’t require huge capital to start.

If you start this cleaning business, it is important to offer quality services, develop creative ideas, market your business, build a strong business framework and build a strong public reputation to be at the top of your competitors.

8. Start A Profitable Bakery Business In Lagos

The bakery industry is very profitable because it caters to people’s everyday needs.

Since the food industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world, the bakery business is among the business ideas in Lagos to think about.

The huge population in Lagos needs food and will find that they will be looking for snacks every day.

You need to have skills to start this business or experience preparing different products. You have to storm to make your banking business stand out to attract more customers.

9. Profitable Egg Business in Lagos

The egg business is unquestionably one of the quickest ways to become wealthy in the poultry industry.

Whether you become a distributor, retailer, or you keep chicken, you are in the egg business.

It is a fact that the demand for eggs is high in Lagos due to the huge population.

Additionally, the population of egg consumers is very broad and diverse, ranging from ordinary people to businesses, hotels, and several other institutions, including restaurants and events.

Eggs aren’t just for eating on their own but also are used in the manufacturing process.

10. Real Estate Business Opportunity in Lagos

Apart from oil and gas, real estate is the most profitable industry niche to invest in Lagos.

There is always demand for a house in Lagos due to rapid population growth, making the real estate sector remain very profitable.

If you have the capital, the real estate business is the right business idea to think about in Lagos.

The demand for residential apartments, office buildings, and commercial outlets is high in Lagos.

You can even take a loan and invest in this business because there is a certainty of profits.

11. Start A Profitable Bedsheet Business in Lagos

Beddings are a must-have in every household, whether they are wealthy or poor, middle-class or upper-class.

This is the fact that if you start a bedsheet business, you can make a huge profit easily without hassle as customers will come looking for the product.

Besides, beddings are household items that wear out quickly due to how often they are used and washed.

Hence the demand for bed sheets is high without forgetting you are serving a huge population.

Holding these facts in place makes a bedsheet among the business ideas in Lagos to think about.

It is a lucrative money-making venture, and most people are unaware.

It’s a business where your next-door neighbors, coworkers, church members, mosque members, and friends are your quick first customers when you start today.

12. Bread Business Opportunities in Nigeria

Bread is the third most common food staple. Almost all people on all continents commonly consume it.

Bread has a pleasant aroma and flavor, particularly when it is freshly baked.

With these considerations in mind, we can confidently conclude that starting a bread business in Lagos is a good idea.

Whether you are at the production, distribution, or retail, you can make profits, and it is a product on-demand each day.

There are different varieties of bred to sell; hence you have to do a market survey to determine what your customers want.

13. Boutique Business Ideas in Lagos

Clothes are among the basic needs, and thus there is always a demand for clothes.

Hence, starting a clothing boutique is a good business idea.

The fashion industry in Nigeria is a strong sector that will still be vibrant in every economy because people have a basic need for clothing worldwide.

Aside from this requirement, fashion evolves regularly due to the widespread and diverse interest in various styles.

Setting up a clothing boutique is a lucrative business in Lagos, particularly if you specialize in women’s clothing.

Ladies adore good clothes, shoes, and accessories, and it is an understatement to say that this is a business you will enjoy.

14. Start A Bike Delivery Business In Nigeria

If you own a bike, you can venture into the bike delivery business.

ECommerce stores are looking for people to deliver the ordered products; thus, you can make huge profits out of this business.

Statistics show that the actual number of Internet users has surpassed 100 million, with more than 40 percent having completed one or two online transactions in the previous year.

This explains the secret potentials in the E-commerce industry, which is rising in intensity by the day.

Most of these eCommerce stores have their headquarters in Lagos hence offering a business opportunity.

The bike delivery business in Lagos brings in a lot of money, and if you do it well, you can make a lot of money in the E-commerce industry.

The distribution industry offers many opportunities, and several online retailers continue to expand regularly.

15. Frozen Food Business Opportunity in Lagos

Unlike in rural areas where fresh food is readily available, fresh food is not readily available in urban areas like Lagos.

Frozen food is thus preferred for convenience and ease of preservation.

The rising demand is fueled by the increasingly hectic lifestyles of most families living in Lagos due to busy lifestyles, especially the middle class.

The demand offers a business opportunity of starting a Frozen food business.

The frozen food industry is vast. You can sell various products, including fruits, vegetables, poultry, chickens, turkeys, fish, and sweets.

To find out what people in your area buy, you’ll need to perform market research.

The reason you’re starting a frozen food company is to fulfill your target market’s frozen food needs by selling to them at a profit.

16. Start A Hair Business in Lagos, Nigeria

Ladies lining in Lagos cannot live without going to the salon.

It is a fact they need to look their best bearing in mind their living in the city.

The high demand for ladies and even men today to have their hair stylized has opened a business opportunity in Lagos.

It is the best business idea in Lagos because it is a huge city with many people; hence there are customers to service, and the service demand is skyrocketing every day.

Even if you are a student, you can start this business in Lagos, Nigeria.

One of the best things about starting a hair business in Lagos is that it takes very little money to start.

Also, the needed skills you can learn within a short period of three months and without forgetting their city is huge you can open the business at any corner and still make profit out of business.

17. Importation Business Ideas

If you know products on-demand in Lagos and are not easily available, you should know about the importation business.

You don’t have to start millions of dollars importation business; you can start small and grow the business.

Lagos is a city of opportunities, and importation business is an ideal business idea in Lagos.

You can make profits as you get to important products at a low cost and sell at a higher cost.

Besides, if you are doing business where you can import, then opt for the option because you can easily make profits.

18. Kerosene Business Opportunity In Nigeria

The oil industry is one of the industries where you venture and become a millionaire. The oil products are always on demand, and this includes kerosene.

If you are a Nigerian and interested in venturing into the oil industry, one of the business ideas in Lagos in relation is the Kerosene business.

Although Lagos is a city where you can find millionaires, there is also a middle call, and below middle-class people, they are the majority.

These people demand kerosene to cook because, in the city, there is no firewood.

Every day, 11,000,000 liters of kerosene are said to be consumed, and the demand is only expected to rise as the world’s population grows.

Most households rely heavily on kerosene for cooking and other home energy needs, and they literally cannot live without it.

19. Start Logistics Business In Lagos

Logistics businesses started in world war one, and the business idea is still used even in the 21st century.

Lagos is a business hub city with many businesses looking for logistics companies to assist them in transporting the products to different areas in Nigeria.

The high demand for logistics services offers a business opportunity and business ideas in Lagos.

The logistics business is involved in the planning, implementing, and managing of goods, services, or information movement and storage within a supply chain and between points of origin and consumption.

The origins of logistics can be traced back to the military.

During World Wars I and II, it was used to transport food, arms, and other necessary supplies quickly.

The number of customers you can gain every time, pricing strategy, and quality of the service accounts for the success of the logistics business.

There is a lot of money to be made in the industry if you have good market penetration and customer retention plan.

Besides, the logistics business will remain profitable as long as the e-commerce industry advances.

In the logistics industry, if you understand the business, you will make millions.

20. Start Ankara Business In Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the African countries known for only their dressing code.

More so, the people in Lagos love to wear their homegrown Ankara fabrics, which have proven to be flexible enough to produce almost any style possible with western-made fabrics.

It’s no surprise that many people are flocking to the Ankara industry because it’s lucrative and seemingly endless in terms of design possibilities.

The high demand for Ankara opens a business idea to think about, especially in a city like Lagos with over 14 million people.

The Ankara business or selling Ankara material is profitable because most Nigerians wear the ‘native’ attire on Fridays and special occasions such as weddings and naming ceremonies.

Ankara can be worn to any event once it has been sown.

Because of how elegant and fine it looks, it’s a must-have for Aso Ebi during wedding ceremonies.

21. Food Business In Lagos, Nigeria

Starting a food business is one of the most profitable ventures for any entrepreneur.

With the growing population of Lagos City and the Nigerian country as a whole, many people will not have the luxury of time to prepare their own food.

Neither will people be able to go to the farm or market to get what they need for diner.

This is where the opportunity lies for entrepreneurs in Lagos.

There are various businesses you can engage in the food value chain. Preparing food and selling to people in their offices is one of the booming business ideas in Lagos.

Also, you can engage in the food retail business by supplying other businesses with food items.

This business idea is very lucrative in 2021 and you must start now if you want to make a living.

22. Start Cold Room Business

Starting a cold room business in Nigeria is another profitable venture you can engage in. For most startups in Lagos, they do not know where and how to start this business.


That has been the challenge for many entrepreneurs on the African continent.

You can start your cold room business by making brief research in Lagos and find out where the demand is high.

Also, look out for possible competition.

While I don’t encourage startups to venture into very competitive businesses, you should not be afraid of competition.

Either way, make your preliminary observations and determine where your cold room business will thrive.

23. Start Cleaning Business in Lagos

For most people in Lagos, they find it difficult to combine work activities with household chores.

Cleaning your house takes an enormous amount of time and that is the main reason why business people in Lagos hire cleaners to tidy up their homes.

With that in mind, starting a cleaning venture as an entrepreneur is an excellent idea in Nigeria.

24. Honey Business

If you know honey is nutritious, then you will appreciate its importance in the Nigerian economy.

Starting a honey enterprise in Nigeria is one of the best business opportunities for smart entrepreneurs.

List Of Other Business Ideas To Start In Lagos, Nigeria

25. Keke napep business

26. Pizza Delivery business

27. Nursing Home Business

28. Poultry farm Business

29. Start Microfinance Business

30. Tailoring Business

31. Insurance Agency Business

32. Start Tomato Farming Business

33. Woodworking Business

34. Fish farming Business

35. Start Organic farming Business

36. Courier Service Business

37. Chiropractic Business

38. Start Fabric Business

39. Pure water business Nigeria

40. Nylon business

41. Start Okada business

42. Palm oil business

43. Online business

44. Okrika business in Nigeria

45. Perfume business

46. Start Yoga

47. Meat and Vegetable Delivery

48. Dropshipping

49. Home Schooling

50. Start Coffee Shop

51. Nanny Service

52. Mobile Phone Sales and Repair Service

53. Event Planning Service

54. Business Broker Service

55. Start Photography

56. Tour Guide

57. Pet Training Service

58. Hair Stylist

59. Start Car Rentals

60. Printing business

61. Phone accessories business

62. Recharge card business

63. Start Dispatch rider business

64. Small restaurant business

65. Shoe business

66. Supermarket business

67. Start Smoothie business

68. Taxify business

69. Laser Skin Care Service

70. Dance Studio

71. Maternity Wear Rental

72. Senior Care Services

73. Start Freelance Writing

74. Amazon Kindle Publishing

75. Personal Trainer

76. Waste Management

77. Start Vehicle Flipping Service

78. Social Media Manager

79. Start Yam business

80. Mobile Hair Salon

81. Hamper Business

82. Film Production

83. Graphic Design

84. Gym Business

85. Wine Bar

86. Start Internet Radio

87. Auto-Repair Shop

88. Funeral Home business

89. Start Solar panel repair business

90. Pest Control Business

Those are the list of business ideas to start in Lagos, Nigeria.

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