How To Start A Profitable Frozen Food Business In Lagos

How To Start A Profitable Frozen Food Business In Lagos, Nigeria (2024)

Are you seeking a lucrative business idea? How about Frozen foods? Read this business guide to find out the right way on how to start a profitable frozen food business in Lagos Frozen foods include meat, fish, chicken, and even vegetables.

The only difference between these foods and the normal ones is that they are preserved cold in ice.

Here is a look at the business and what you need to start.

How Much Do I Need To Start A Frozen Food Business In Lagos?

Depending on whether the business plan is a large scale or small scale, the starting capital may vary from as low as 200,000 Naira to as high as 900,000 Naira.

Tips To Start A Frozen Food Business In Lagos

Acquire all the necessary business permits and insurance from the health and fire departments.

This will ensure your safety to those of employees, and your business will run smoothly.

1. Find a suitable location near a town center with potential buyers.

2. Market your business on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

3. Buy all the necessary equipment to start the business.

4. Hire competent employees who will help your business grow.

5. Rent a spacious building to do the business

6. Set a payment method

7. Offer a delivery service to your customers.

8. Last but not least, set a business plan to guide your business and help it grow.

What Equipment Is Needed For The Frozen Food Business?

If you are freshly beginning this business, then you might need to purchase the following items for your business:

  • Freezers at least two
  • Chisel
  • Measuring scale
  • Stainless Bowls
  • Generator
  • Aprons
  • Tables and chairs
  • Waste bin
  • Packaging materials
  • Truck
  • Wooden chopping board
  • Axes and knives

Those are the basic things you will need to start the business.

 Types Of Frozen Foods You Can Start

Some of the frozen foods that one can engage in selling include;

1. Poultry products such as turkey, chicken wings, chicken neck, ducks, gizzard, etc.

2. Seafood such as fish, sardines, panla, Titus, and shawl.

3. Vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli, and chopped potatoes

4. Snails

5. Fruit juice

Is The The Food Enterprise Profitable In Lagos?

The business is very profitable and has led to making more money for many individuals and companies. 

With the right mindset and business plan, one can venture into the frozen food business and make a lump sum amount of money.

Finally, that is all we have for you on how to start a profitable frozen food business in Lagos.


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