How To Start Pure Water Business In Ghana

How To Start Profitable Pure Water Business In Ghana In 2024

We live in a generation where many people prefer the intake of pure water to pipe water, and there’s a higher demand for the pure water business. Therefore, in today’s guide, we will inform you on how to start a pure water business in Ghana.

In today’s market, the pure water business has taken over the water market.

Some years ago, chilled pipe water was the reigning type of water sold to the public, but there has been a massive turn-off interest in the market.

The affordable nature and the good packaging that the product comes with have helped increase the demand for pure water in Ghana.

Many people choose to patronize pure water because it is affordable to many compared to bottled water, where pure water costs 20 pesewas to the ordinary Ghanaian, the bottled water cost between 1 – 8 cedis.

If you’re convinced by the demanding nature of pure water and willing to

Maybe you don’t know to go about it.

Then in this article, you will be enlightened about how to start a pure water business in Ghana.

Types Of Sachet Water Businesses

The pure water business in Ghana is operated in two forms, including the following:

1. Pure water manufacturer

2. Pure water retailer

But in this business guide, we are going to concentrate on how to start a pure water manufacturing business in Ghana.

Things You Must Do Before Starting A Lucrative Water Enterprise In Accra

Below are some of the things you’ll to start a pure water business in Ghana:

  • Have a good business plan which coincides with your start-up capital.
  • Choice of business location.
  • A good structure with a good working environment is required.
  • Register business under The Registrar General’s Department.
  • Choose the right business name to attract customers.
  • Register your product under Ghana Standards Authority.
  • Know your target market.
  • Strategies a delivery system.
  • Advertisement is a key factor.
  • Employ staff to help run the business.

Essentials Equipment You Will Need To Start Profitable Pure Water Company

The following are some of the equipment and essentials you’ll need as an investor to start your pure water business in Ghana:

1. Automatic filling and sealing machine

2. Water purification machine

3. Borehole system

4. Overhead tanks

5. Distribution trucks

6. Power generator

How Much Money Do I Need To Start Pure Water Business In Ghana

The cost of running your own pure water manufacturing business in Ghana is very high.

This business is run by investors who are financially strong to control business operations.

Therefore, it might cost between 40,000 – 70,000 Ghana cedis.

Is The Pure Water Business Profitable In Ghana

There is a high demand for drinking water, specifically pure water.

This is because pipe water is no more a commercial product, so pure water has taken over the drinking water business for its affordability and good packaging.

Just imagine the number of pure water sellers found on the street, yet still, every one of them meets their daily sales and makes some profit a living.

This a proof of how people need water for survival.

Therefore, a massive profit of 70 – 100 percent is made within the shortest period when business is managed well.

Best Areas To Start Sachet Water Business In The Country

Below are some of the best areas to start a pure water business in Ghana:

1. In cities

2. Communities where competition is low

How To Run A Successful Pure Water Business In Ghana

The list below are some of the measures to consider for a successful pure water business:

  • Use the right equipment and essentials for your production.
  • Make sure it meets the requirement of The Ghana Standard Authority.
  • Good and quality product is key for a successful business.
  • Good packaging is very important.
  • A good customer relationship is required.
  • Stay reliable to your customers, don’t let them look elsewhere for the product.
  • Good pricing of your product will attract many retailers to patronize you.
  • Work in a clean and hygienic environment, so you don’t lose customers who visit your production premises.

Challenges Facing The Pure Water Business In Accra & Kumasi

Below are some of the challenges facing the pure water business in Ghana:

  1. The cost of delivery is high.
  2. The cost of running the business is high.
  3. Low standard pure water brands taking over the business.
  4. The standard authority of the country not going after brands who don’t come for registration and checking.
  5. Treat other staff well, create a good condition for staff to work in.
  6. The cost of electricity is affecting the business.

Benefits Of Setting Up The Sachet Water Company

Below are some of the benefits of setting up a pure water business in Ghana:

1. Constant flow of financial income

2. Job creation

3. It has improved upon lives

4. Safe for consumption

That is the information at our disposal on how to start a pure water business in Ghana.


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