How To Start A Restaurant Business In Nairobi

How To Start A Restaurant Business In Nairobi, 2024, Restaurant Business Ideas

These days, people are in Nairobi have adopted fast food for their daily meals, and that has presented a huge business opportunity. So in this business guide, we shall show you how to start restaurant business in Nairobi.

Nairobi is a city where the restaurant business is making huge profits, and it’s grown over the years.

The restaurant business is one of the best businesses and earns huge profits in Nairobi.

Factors To Consider Before Starting A Restaurant Business In Nairobi

1. Identify the type of restaurant

There are many types of restaurant companies you can register for. The type of restaurant business will depend on the amount of your initial capital.

2. Identify a good location

The location of a restaurant business in Nairobi depends on how profitable that location can be profitable.

If your restaurant is located along or around footpaths or bus stops, it’s easier to attract passengers who are traveling or those who work in offices.

Those who work in offices aim at restaurants for lunch or breakfast. Make sure your business is located in busy areas of Nairobi.

3. Register your business with a name

Choosing a name for your restaurant is very important because it attracts customers.

The name of the restaurant should be impressive and can compel the public.

Do not name your restaurant very ambiguous names.

The name of the restaurant is a part of branding in your business.

4. A restaurant business plan

A restaurant business plan will help you know how much you need for the initial capital or the items needed for the restaurant to operate.

A well-designed restaurant will attract customers.

5. Have business permits and licenses

Common Types Of Restaurants In Kenya

These are the types of restaurants in Kenya:

a) Fast food 

b) Ethnic

c) Casual dining

d) Pub

e) Café

f) Food truck

Register Your Business With The Nairobi City Council

 1. Have the A single business permit – this usually issued by the City Council annually, which goes for around 5, 000sh

2. A Food and Hygiene License – a fast food business needs a food and hygiene license to make sure that the food you prepare is hygienic. A health inspector inspects the premise to ensure the place is clean

3. A Fire Safety Certificate – all businesses in Kenya must have a fire and safety certificate. Since the business involves the use of fire, a fire safety certificate is very important.

Things You Must Do To Improve Your Restaurants Business In Nairobi

1. Have the necessary equipment for a restaurant -For instance, the furniture, cookers, gas cylinders, utensils, blenders, refrigerators, and a counter.

2. The hiring of good restaurant staff – For the restaurant business, it needs workers to operate. There are the bartenders, the waiters, and the kitchen staff

3. Creating a menu for your restaurant A menu gives an outline for what kind of foods you offer in your restaurant.

9. Beware of the changing trends of the restaurant business in NairobiA shifting restaurant lifestyle can change where you require to give unique services.

10. Advertise your restaurant business online Advertising nowadays is very cheap online through social media.

Here is where we leave you on the road on how to start a restaurant business in Nairobi.

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