How To Start Fast Food Business In Nairobi

How To Start Fast Food Business In Nairobi, 2024, Great Tips For Fast Food Joint

 Spending hours in the kitchen to prepare yourself a meal after a busy day’s work is always tedious, so most people rely on fast food to quench their hunger. In today’s guide we shall share with you to start a fast food business in Nairobi, as the business opportunity is very lucurative.

A fast-food business is very popular in Nairobi due to a large number of human traffic.

There are so many people working or hustling, and they need somewhere where they can get food easily.

Starting a fast food business will be a good idea, you prepare food and supply it in offices or the industrial areas.

With the high population in Nairobi, a fast-food business thrives very well.

Things You Must Do Before Starting A Fast Food Business In Nairobi

The following are some of the things you need to do before starting a fast food business in Nairobi, Kenya:

1. Business location

Locating the fast-food business requires a business person to identify an area where there is high human traffic or foot traffic.

Locate this kind of business near market centers, bus stations or stops, areas around colleges and universities.

2. Market research

Market research will help a business person identify the opportunities available in the market. You can survey what other fast food café is doing.

Talk to important people around you and ask for opinions. For instance, the best kind of fast food you can sell and earn profit.

Which fast foods are the most preferred by people?

Doing research on the restaurant businesses will help you know your target market. Market research helps you know your competitors.

3. Have a fast food business plan

A business plan about your business gives direction to the business. You will need a business plan to achieve your goals in the fast foods business.

4. Register your business

A business person should register their business for branding. Make sure you acquire the necessary business permits.

If you do not have the business permits, you can get into trouble with the authorities.

5. The items you need to begin a restaurant business

Before opening a fast foods business in Nairobi, you need the following items;

Furniture, cooker, refrigerator, microwave, utensils, blender, shelves, cooking stores, jiko, and gas cylinders.

6. The capital required

The capital required to start the fast-food business in Nairobi depends on the size of the business you want to start. Starting a fast-food business in Nairobi can be slightly expensive because of its urban nature.

Business Permit For A Fast Food Venture In Nairobi

The following are the business permits required for fast food in Nairobi:

1. A single business permit – this is usually issued by the City Council annually, which goes for around 5,000 sh.

2. A Food and Hygiene License – a fast food business needs a food and hygiene license to make sure that the food you prepare is hygienic. A health inspector inspects the premise to ensure the place is clean

3. A Fire Safety Certificate – all businesses in Kenya must have a fire and safety certificate. Since the business involves the use of fire, a fire safety certificate is very important.

What To Sell In A Fast-food Business In Nairobi

The location of your business in Nairobi will dictate what you sell.

Most fast foods business in Nairobi sell the following:

1. Hot dogs

2. Fried chicken

3. Pizza

4. Ice cream

5. Chips

6. Kebab

7. Salads

8. Cakes

9. Hamburger

10. Soft drinks

That is all we have for you on how to start Fast Food business in Nairobi.

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