How To Start A Bread Business In Lagos

How To Start A Bread Business In Lagos – Profitable Bread Business Ideas

In today’s business guide, we are going to show you the simplest way you can start a bread business in Lagos.

The food industry is actually one of the most growing industries all over the world.

Farm products are turned into delicious foods that everyone can enjoy. Bread is one of the most common pastries in almost all households in Lagos, Nigeria, for breakfast.

Starting a bread business may sound like a lot, but here is a breakdown of what you need to do and know.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Bread Business In Nigeria

Starting a bread bakery will depend on whether you will go wholesale or retail.

It will also require one to hire some individuals who will help you with the business.

There will also be a need to rent some space where the bakery will be and buy baking equipment.

For a successful business, one may need approximately 100,000 Naira to 700,000 Naira.

Tips To Starting A Bread Business In Lagos

  1. Have a business plan that you will follow to the latter. This will help you grow more and faster.
  2.  Ensure you have all the necessary bread business permits and licenses from the health and fire department for your safety, the safety of your employees, and for your business to run smoothly.
  3.  Look for a good location to start your business somewhere near a town center or malls.
  4. Your business not only using posters but as well as social media sites. Create a website to advertise your business, tell your friends and family on WhatsApp status, Twitter and Facebook.
  5. To have more experience one can go for training.
  6. Please find out the strength and weaknesses of other bakers and learn from them.
  7.  Buy all the necessary bread baking equipment for the business to run smoothly.
  8.  Employ competent workers that are capable of delivering quality service.

Bakery Equipment One Needs To Have

  • Baking oven
  • Flour mixer
  • Slicing Machine
  • Supply Truck
  •  KVA generator
  • Baking pans
  • Bread wrapper supply

 Is The Bread-making Business Profitable In Nigeria

Of course, yes. The most profitable business is bread baking because every household or at least every household must purchase bread and not to mention schools and special events.

Challenges Facing Bread Business In Lagos

Like any business, the bread business in Kenya has some ups and downs that come with it. Bread making business is also faced with challenges such as;

  • Bread spoilage
  • Bread being burnt
  • Price fluctuation
  • Theft from workers

With these challenges, some are easy to solve, but it all depends on the market for some.

For now, that is what we have for you on how to start a bread business in Lagos.

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