How To Change Business Name In Ghana

How To Change Business Or Company Name In Ghana in 2024

Maybe, you’ve developed a perfect name that suits your business than the existing one, but you don’t know how to go about your company name change, then. In this guide, we are going to inform you on how to change your business name in Ghana.

Have you taken over a business and don’t know how to change the business name to a name that suits your mode of operation?

Then you find yourself at the right place because this article is going to present to you a step-by-step guide on how to change a company name in Ghana.

Reasons For Changing A Company Name

There are various reasons why one might want to change the business name. Some of these reasons include:

1. To rebrand the business

2. A new business direction developed

3. When a new investor takes over the business

Therefore, depending on your reason for change depends on the kind of form you’ll pick and fill.

This form to pick and fill falls under the sole proprietorship amendment.

There are two forms under this amendment category, including the following:

1. Form D – Change of particulars (choose this form when changes are to be made by the original owner of a business)

2. Form D – Change of ownership (choose this form when you’ve taken over a business and want to change the company name to your choice of name.

The forms stated above are the forms to choose from depending on the type of amendment you want to make to your business.

Requirement For Filling Form D Form For Change Of Business Name In Ghana

To easily fill the form D, the following details have to be made available:

1. New business name

2. Registration number (stated at the top right corner of the existing business certificate)

3. TIN

4. Nature of change (a detailed description about the change of company name)

5. Date of change

6. General nature of business

7. Principal place of business

8. Particulars of the transferor

9. Particulars of the transferee

10. Residence and any other business occupation if any of transferee

11. Contact details of the transferee

After filling your form D using the information above, then you are now about to enter into the final stage of changing your business name.

Steps You Must Follow For Change Of Company Name In Ghana

To successfully change your business name in Ghana, follow the steps below:

1. Write and sign a letter of cancellation

2. Attach your filled form D and a signed letter of cancellation

3. Submit your change of company name proposal to the Registrar General’s Department office

4. Check in after the processing date for your new business certificate indicating your new business name.

Following the procedure above will help you have a successful change of company name.

This is the information we can provide on how to change the business name in Ghana.

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