How To Start Uber Business In Lagos

How To Start Uber Business In Lagos, 2024, Uber Driving Business Guide

Are you a driver seeking a lucrative job in Nigeria? Here is a simple guide with full details on how to start an Uber business in Lagos.

Uber business is one of the quite booming businesses not only in Lagos but also around the world.

Though the requirements might be a little too much, it’s only for our safety and customers’ safety.

Here is a look at exactly how you can start an uber business in Lagos.

Requirements To Start An Uber Business In Lagos

  • One of the requirements is you should be 21 years of age and or older.
  • Must have a valid Nigerian driving license.
  • You should have completed a safety screening.

Steps To Starting An Uber Business In Lagos

  • With only your smartphone, you can sign up to get started as an uber driver.
  • The next important step will be to upload your documents for verification.
  • Some of the documents include a valid Nigerian driving license, profile photo, LASDRI card, and a safety screening.
  • The next step is to get a vehicle that is in perfect condition and meets the standards in Nigeria.
  •  Once you finish the process above, the next step is to activate your account, and you will be ready to work.

Uber Vehicle Requirements In Nigeria

This being of the most important factors when starting an uber business, here is a list of what your vehicle needs to have;

  1. The vehicle must have a working radio.
  2. No cosmetic damage
  3. It should be a four-door car.
  4. The doors should be working properly as they will test them. Two-door cars are not allowed.
  5. The model should be 2000 or newer.
  6. Your vehicle should have vehicle insurance. Without this, you cannot apply to be an uber driver.
  7. Vehicle inspection report
  8.  Roadworthiness certificate

What You Should Know When Starting An Uber Business

  • When starting an uber business, the drivers get 75% of the paid fare while the rest goes to the company.
  • Uber pays weekly on Thursdays, and any amount received should be submitted to your uber partner.
  • Hotels, shopping malls, or recreational centers are the best places to find customers.
  • The fueling costs may be up to 40,000 Naira in a week, depending on the type of car.
  • Many customers prefer paying in cash.
  • You can make as many as one hundred trips in a week.
  •  All vehicles need to have insurance.

The Benefit Of Uber Business In Lagos

The uber business is quite profitable and lucrative once you have met all the required conditions.

If you stay in the business for long you could make about 20% each month.

That is all we have for you on how to start Uber business in Lagos.

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