How To Start A Bakery Business In Lagos

How To Start A Bakery Business In Lagos, 2024, Profitable Baking Business Ideas

In today’s business guide, we sha;l give you vital ideas on how to start a bakery business in Lagos.

Many people love eating cakes and pastries. Not to mention every day is someone’s birthday, and they are celebrating weddings to need cakes, graduations, and even parties.

Thus baking can be a quite booming business in a place where you have ordered a day in day out.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Bakery Business In Lagos

To start a bakery business in Lagos, Nigeria, you will need at least 800,000 Naira.

Bakery businesses will need a lot to start up, not only is there rent but the materials needed for baking and the advertising costs.

But depending on whether your business will be large scale or small scale then the costs may vary.

Is Baking Business Profitable In Nigeria?

The food business is one of the fastest-growing businesses around the world. The bakery business is under this category.

It is quite profitable and lucrative, especially for someone who loves it as a hobby.

Things You Need Before Starting A Bakery Business In Lagos

Before starting a bakery business in Lagos, here are the things you need:


1. Small wares – small wares such as spatulas, spoons, knives, flour sifters, and mixing bowls are really important.

2. Bread slicer – Important if bread is going to be part of the pastries you are going to sell

3. Dough sheeter – This will help you out with the dough rolling process.

4. Sheet pan racks – a space to cool off already cook pastries

5. Oven – choose the one that fits your business plan

6. Bakeware – look for quality bakeware that lasts longer.

7.Mixers – look for a large dough mixer with an emulsion blender and whisk attachment.

8. Dough proofer – this helps the dough rising process

9. Refrigerator – some of the baking ingredients need to be refrigerated to avoid spoilage and wastage.

10. Doughnut cake fryer

 Vital Tips For Starting A Successful Baking Business

  • Have a well-laid-out business plan and follow it to the latter.
  • Decide on whether your bakery will be a retail or wholesale business.
  • Register your bakery business with CAC. This will need around 20,000 Naira.
  • Advertise your business online to help it grow.
  • Acquire the necessary permits and insurance to run your business smoothly.
  • Have offers to attract more customers.
  • Set up your business near a recreational center or mall.

That is all we have for you in today’s Africa business ideas guide, and you know how to start a bakery business in Lagos, Nigeria.

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