How To Start Poultry Farm In Ghana

How To Start Poultry Farm In Ghana, 2024, Poultry Farming Business Ideas

The delicacy of poultry products to our meal is so appetizing, and in today’s guide, we are going to provide the necessary information you’ll need on how to start a poultry farm in Ghana.

Poultry farming is a very lucrative animal husbandry aspect of agriculture under livestock farming which raises domesticated birds such as chickens, turkey, ducks, etc., to produce meat or egg for consumption.

In this guide, we will focus more on chicken poultry. The best poultry breeds to stock your farm with include:

1. Layers – they are best known for their egg-laying ability. Layers start to lay eggs at (16 – 20) weeks of age.

A layer chicken can produce about (16 – 18 ) dozen of eggs in its first year. Note that at 14 months, chicks start to molt, and during this period, the laying of the egg ceases until the period is over.

The number of eggs laid after molting reduces to (16 – 18) dozen of eggs. Also, the more chicks grow, the lesser eggs they produce.

2. Broilers – they are mainly raised for their meat. Broilers don’t lay eggs as layers do, but they only convert feed into weight, and they grow weight and feathers so fast.

Specifically, broilers only need (7 – 9) weeks to reach 4 pounds of weight and those in (12 – 20) weeks weigh in the range of (5 – 10) pounds, and they are called roasters at this stage.

Types Of Common Poultry Farming In Ghana

Below are the types of Poultry business, you can invest in:

1. Small-scale poultry farming – this involves stocking your farm with few chicks for a start.

2. Large scale poultry farming – this system involves raising domestic chicks in large quantity, and this scale of production have to employ more hands to help with the operation of the business.

Requirements To Meet Before Starting Poultry Farm In Ghana

To start your poultry farm in Ghana, the following requirement have to be met:

i. Stock your farm with the best poultry breed (layers or broilers).

ii. Choose a suitable and favorable location for your farm.

iii. Good housing is required for the safety of your farm.

iv. Good feed have to be provided in the right proportion.

v. Proper medication must be practiced.

vi. Register your poultry farm business.

vii. Advertisement is very key to attract many clients.

The Cost Of Starting a Poultry Farm In Ghana

The cost involved in starting a poultry farm in Ghana depends solely on the capital at hand at the start of your business.

When your capital doesn’t meet your business plan, is either you change your plan for a small scale or seek funds from other investors or bank.

Small scale operation can cost in the range of (1,500 – 2,000) Ghana cedis to start.

Running a large-scale poultry farm will require a higher capital. The large-scale operation can cost in the range of (20,000 – 30,000) Ghana cedis.

Equipment And Some Essentials Needed To Start Poultry Farm In Ghana

To run a successful poultry farm, some equipment and essential items have to be provided to help carry out farm activities. They include;

1. Feeders

2. Drinkers

3. Plastic chicken transport cage

4. Ventilation fan

5. Tarpaulin

6. Laying boxes

7. Small light bulbs

8. Drugs

9. Wood shavings

10. Feed

11. Egg crates

12. Shovel

13. Wheelbarrow

14. Basins and buckets

How Profitable Is Poultry Farming In Ghana

The poultry farm is a very lucrative business in Ghana due to the high demand for the products produced.

Investing in the layers breed comes with an overwhelming profit.

This is because the eggs they produce can contribute to a larger proportion of the profit gained.

When layers reach old age at about 4 – 5 years, the number of eggs they produce reduces drastically and must be sold for their meat, then later restock your farm with new chicks.

So, consider the profit made on eggs and meat at the end of each stock production. It looks very impressive.

What The Best Areas To Start Poultry Farm In Ghana

Poultry farm business in Ghana can be established at every corner of the country, but in most situations, choose outskirt areas not far from cities or towns.
Always choose locations closer to roads so that transporting chicks in and out won’t be a problem.

How To Run A Successful Poultry Farm Business In Ghana

To run a successful poultry farm business in Ghana, the following measures must be considered:

1. Feed chicks with the right proportion of feed to speed production

2. Proper checking of chicks to avoid an outbreak of disease.

3. Practice proper cleaning of poultry house

4. Determination and hard work play a major role

5. Practice debeaking

6. A good customer relationship must be practice

7. You must stay reliable to your customers

8. Don’t accept defeat by setbacks. Always rise to overcome them

Challenges You May Face In Running Poultry Farming Business In Ghana

Running a poultry farm in Ghana demands high capital. When your business plan exceeds your capital of running the business, you can be left in the middle of an operation.

Late detection of a disease outbreak can collapse your business.

Benefits Of Setting Up Poultry Farm Business In Ghana

Aside from the financial profit gained from the poultry farm business, it also creates a business opportunity for egg vendors. It also creates revenue for the country.

This is the information we can provide on how to start a poultry farm business in Ghana.

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