How To Start A Delivery Business In Lagos

How To Start A Delivery Business In Lagos, 2024, Delivery Business Ideas

Fast Delivery is key these days in shopping and service in Lagos and in today’s business guide we will show you how to start a delivery business in Lagos.

The question is, why Lagos? Because it has a huge population and high demand for goods and services.

Starting any business can be quite hectic, not to mention the capital you will need.

The best thing about starting a business is that you become your CEO.

Here is a guide on how you can start a delivery business in Lagos, Nigeria.

Some of the leading businesses in-home delivery include Jumia, Yudala, and Konga.

How Much Capital Do I Need To Start A Delivery Business Nigeria

A minimal startup cost is required for the delivery business as you do not need an office space or so.

Just a small car or motorcycle, or if you decide to do it on a large scale, a truck is enough.

Which Products Is Good For Delivery Enterprise In Lagos

For the delivery business, there are a lot of things that you can deliver to different homes. 

You can easily choose your area of specialization before doing delivery. 

Here is a list of things you can deliver in Lagos:

  • Grocery
  • Food
  • Gifts
  • Furniture
  • Electronics

Those are some of the essential services you can offer with your delivery business in Lagos, Nigeria.

Tips To Starting A Delivery Business In Lagos

1. Like any other business, one needs to lay down a business plan and have the startup capital ready. 

2. The delivery business is fairly cheap to start off, and with 90,000 nairas, you are good to go. 

3. Draft a business plan to know how you are going to grow the business as well as manage it. 

4. Not to forget the most important thing is knowing where you will be delivered to, the costs and how much you will charge. 

5. For a small business, try a small location for the delivery before going for the longer miles.

6. Have a unique business name and logo. 

7. Just like Jumia and Yudala have a unique logo to distinguish and identify your business. 

8. You can hire someone to design a nice logo for you or do it yourself using free online tools.

9. Create an online platform, be it a website or Facebook page or a WhatsApp group, where you can advertise your business and get more and more customers.

10. Once the business starts growing, hire people to help you. 

11. Look for friends and someone who is up to the task for the job. 

12. You can even go ahead and give them shirts or jackets branded with the business logo.

13. Always have an online payment setup for those who do not prefer cash. 

14. You can use QuickTeller, POS, or cash payment, depending on the customer.

15. Customer Care service should always be available to answer calls and listen to complaints and requests of your customers.

16. Publicize your business to grow even faster.

17. Always have honesty for your business to grow and be trusted by your esteemed customers.

For now, that is all you must know on how to start a delivery business in Lagos.

We shall do our best to add more relevant information to this guide.

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