How To Start A Billboard Advertising Business In South Africa

How To Start A Billboard Advertising Business In South Africa

Advertising plays a vital role in the success of businesses. Therefore, if you want to make some profit by servicing individuals and companies with advertisement space, this article will serve as an educative model to our readers on how to start a billboard business in South Africa.

So we implore you to keep reading because the next chapters of this article are filled with detailed information on how to start your billboard business in South Africa.

Living in an industrial and technological world, the business sector needs space to advertise their products and services, making the billboard business never run out of functioning and making it a business with higher demand.

Are you imagining how running the business will look like?

Build a billboard, accept advertisement requests from clients, stay at home while your billboard by the roadside makes money for you day in and out. Ain’t that amazing?

The next chapters come with the necessary information to guide you through your billboard advertisement business in South Africa:

What You Need To Start A Billboard Advertisement Business In South Africa

To start your billboard advertisement business, consider the following basic requirements:

1. Business Plan: build a business plan that covers every aspect of your business. Your business plan is your foundation, determining your success in the business.

Therefore, it is advisable to draw a plan that falls within your financial capabilities because anything out of your startup cost will get you stuck in the middle of business operation.

2. Location: learn how to spot a good location for your billboard business. Choosing a visible and traffic area is the best to set up your billboard business

3. Zoning: after spotting a good location, contact the zoning authorities in your community to help enlighten you with information about the legalities governing billboards in the chosen location

4. Lease Permit: acquire a leasing space from the right owners by signing a lease agreement

5. Billboard Type: choose the right type of billboard for your business. Choosing electronic billboards may come with a higher cost, and many businesses hate sharing advertising space with competing companies.

Therefore, if your location is in a more advanced location where companies understand the effect of advertising on electronic billboards, then you’re good for your choice.

You might want to start small and grow big, and then the vinyl billboard is the best to choose

6. Graphic Designer: hire a good graphic designer who’s willing to collaborate with your business. The designer will make sample designs that can be presented to potential clients to help present to them the reason why they should advertise to you

7. Electricity & Lighting: provide good lighting for your business. The advertising billboard should be functioning 24/7 without any form of interaction

8. Business Registration: register your business with the CIPC and SARS to acquire the necessary legal documentation and certification for your business operation

9. Target Market: your target market should be company owners who are willing to advertise their products and services in an outdoor space to gain more customers

10. Business Insurance: the billboard business is mostly affected by natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and many others. Therefore it is advisable to provide business insurance to cover up the loss during times of disasters

11. Marketing: create awareness of your business to the public through local newspapers, flyers and indicating on your billboard boldly that advertising space is available

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Billboard Advertising Business In South Africa

Starting a billboard business in South Africa comes with different startup costs depending on the type of billboard you choose to build. The cost ranges from R20,000 – 1 million.

Is The Billboard Advertising Business Profitable In South Africa

Companies keep emerging, and they all require advertising platforms to make their products known to the public. Therefore the business will forever continue to be profitable.

You can charge companies between R10,000 – 70,000 per month, and that will be a handsome profit to make.

Best Places To Start A Billboard Advertising Business In South Africa

Below are some of the best places to set up your billboard advertising business in South Africa:

1. Busy centers

2. Business centers

3. Industrial areas

4. Along main roads and highways

5. Places with foot and vehicular traffic

How To Make A Billboard Advertising Business Successful In South Africa

Run a successful billboard advertising business in South Africa by considering the following:

1. Good maintenance is required

2. Affordable pricing

3. Advertising packages

4. Choosing the right location

Challenges In The Billboard Advertising Business In South Africa

Below are some of the challenges faced in the billboard advertising business in South Africa:

1. Electric billboards exposure time is brief

2. The stationary nature of the business

3. Visibility issues

4. Natural disasters

5. Wrong mounting of billboards

Benefits Of Setting Up A Billboard Advertising Business In South Africa

The following are some of the benefits of setting up a billboard advertising business in South Africa:

1. It comes with an overwhelming profit

2. It generates income for the government

3. Job creation for professionals like graphic designers

4. Creation of easy way of advertising

5. Beneficial to companies

That is the information we can provide on how to start a billboard advertising business in South Africa.

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