Agricultural business Ideas In Kenya

Agricultural Business Ideas In Kenya – Simple Agric Business You Can Start With Small Capital

Seeking Agricultural Business Ideas in Kenya is very important, because these days, food consumption is increasing each day. That is a good sign the Agricultural industry will be widely profitable.

The agricultural business is one of the main sectors in the economy of Kenya. It is the most profitable venture in the Kenyan economy that the Kenya Government is keen on expanding.

That is because food demands are increasing each year in Kenya, as a result of population growth.

Being in the agricultural business does not necessarily mean you take a jembe and start farming.

It requires that you do extensive research to know a lot about the kind of farming suitable for your initial capital.

List Of Top Agricultural Business Ideas In Kenya

Below is the full list of profitable Agricultural Business Ideas In Kenya:

  • Transportation Of Produce For Farmers In Kenya
  • Vegetable Farming Business In Kenya
  • Poultry farming As In Kenya
  • Selling Fertilizers In Kenya
  • Selling Animal Feeds To Profit In Kenya
  • Rabbit Farming

1. Transportation Of Produce For Farmers In Kenya

Most farmers in the agri-business face a lot of hardships, especially for their ready produce.

Someone might consider having vehicles which can assure you a money-making business through transportation of produce.

2. Vegetable Farming Business Ideas In Kenya

Most of the Kenyan population needs vegetables in their day-to-day life. The most marketable vegetables are mushrooms.

The mushrooms bring a lot of income to farmers in Kenya. Mushroom farming does not take a lot of effort to grow.

They grow on less space on less soil.

3. Poultry farming As Agricultural Activity In Kenya

Poultry farming is among the most practiced agricultural business ideas in Kenya.

A good section of Kenyan farmers has continuously done poultry business because of the increased demand for chicken products such as eggs and poultry meat.

Meat is among the fast foods in main towns, including schools, restaurants, supermarkets, and bakeries.

4. Selling Fertilizers As A Business Idea In Kenya

Most of the Kenyan population are farmers. Either commercial or non-commercial.

And for plants to produce a good harvest, fertilizers must be implemented to ensure quality and quantity.

Most farmers will always strive to buy fertilizers for their produce.

This agribusiness might make good profits through the selling of fertilizers to farmers.

5. Selling Animal Feeds For Profit In Kenya

Every animal farmer in Kenya requires good feeds for their animal farming to produce quality breeds.

Aside from that, most of these farmers usually struggle to get feeds for their animals, and hence most end up giving up on their farming dreams, so once you engage in distributing feed to them, you stance a huge chance of making huge profits.

That is all we have for you about Agricultural Business Ideas in Kenya.


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