How To Start Uber Business In Ghana

How To Start Profitable Uber Business In Ghana – Uber Driving Business Ideas

In today’s technological world, traveling with comfort is more concerned by many. For that reason, many transport options keep coming very often, and that creates numerous business opportunities. So in this guide, we are going to help you learn how to start an Uber business in Ghana.

Uber is a ride-hailing company that was founded by Garrett Camp in 2009 and allows customers to order a ride by the use of the Uber app on a smartphone.

In the Uber business, a driver offers good services for a profit, and transport fare is not negotiable in the business operation.

The comfort of using Uber as a means for your daily transport is what makes the business a lucrative one with high demand.

Many investors are willing to work with Uber but don’t know how to join their services.

Then you find yourself at the right place because this article is going to help you understand the processes you have to through to start an Uber business in Ghana.

Requirements To Register With Uber

Below are the things you’ll have to provide to help create an account with Uber:

  • Smartphone
  • Active mobile number
  • Fast internet
  • Active email
  • Uber App
  • Passport photography (Softcopy)
  • Drivers License (Softcopy)
  • Insurance sticker (Softcopy)
  • DVLA roadworthiness sticker (Softcopy)

How To Successfully Register To Become Uber Driver In Ghana

To successfully register and become an Uber driver in Ghana, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Uber App on your smartphone
  2. Launch the app on your smartphone
  3. Click on sign up
  4. Type in the required information in the signup dialog that pops up
  5. Click on next
  6. Choose how you would like to earn with Uber either as a Driver Partner or Driver
  7. Click on continue
  8. A new section of registration opens
  9. Click on the virtual information section for training
  10. Click on “driver photo” to upload your profile photo
  11. Click on “drivers license” to upload a photo of your license
  12. Click on “reverse side of Ghana drivers license” to upload the reverse side of your license
  13. Click on “insurance sticker” to upload a photo of your insurance sticker
  14. Upload your DVLA roadworthiness sticker
  15. Click on “online form” to complete a situational survey. You are to complete a set of questionnaires which might last for about 20 minutes
  16. 16. After completing the questionnaire, you’ll be asked to check your Uber App for more information

Things You Will Need To Start A Profitable Uber Enterprise

Below are the things you will need to start an Uber business in Ghana:

1. Build a good business plan

2. Applicant’s age should be a minimum of 25 years

3. A good business location

4. Your choice of vehicle for business. You can check for the eligible vehicles for Uber business by clicking on this link

5. License your vehicle

6. Get your roadworthy sticker from the DVLA

7. A drivers license is needed in Uber business operation

How Much Does It Cost To Start Uber Business In Ghana

The cost involved in setting up an Uber business in Ghana depends solely on the type of vehicle you choose for your business.

This is because there’s no cost in registering and working with Uber.

The cost involved is between (30,000 – 45,000) Ghana cedis.

Is The Uber Business Profitable In Accra & Kumasi?

The demand for Uber in cities like Accra and Kumasi has seen the business come with a mind-blowing profit.

Therefore, choose your location of operation well, and you can make between 70 to 100 percent profit in the shortest period.

Best Places To Start Uber Driving In The Country

The list below is some of the best places to run the Uber business.

1. Residential areas

2. Industrial areas

3. Commercial areas

4. Business centers

5. Tertiary institutions

How To Run A Successful Uber Business In Ghana

The following are some of the measures to help run a successful Uber business in Ghana:

1. Good vehicle condition makes customers always want to patronize you

2. Good customer relationship must be practiced

3. Good customer care must be ensured

4. Stay reliable to your customers

5. Good communication skills are required to keep customers entertained

6. Hardwork plays a major part in your business success

Challenges Faced By The Online App Driving Sector

Below are some of the challenges facing the Uber business in Ghana:

1. Overprice by some drivers

2. The delaying by drivers to reach you

Benefits Of Setting Up Uber Business In Ghana

The list below is some of the benefits of the Uber business In Ghana:

  • A constant flow of financial income
  • Creation of job
  • It is efficient in operation
  • Generates revenue for Government
  • Improved upon lives

That is the information we have on how to start an Uber business in Ghana.


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