How To Start Transport Business In Ghana

How To Start A Profitable Transport Business Opportunities In Ghana

Transportation in Ghana is gradually coming along in different ways, given the introduction of Uber, bolt, Pragya, and many others. For that reason, we have dedicated this guide to elaborate on how to start a transport business in Ghana.

The transport business is the type that transports goods and passengers from one destination to another.

Without the transport business in Ghana, businesses couldn’t function, and life activities would have been difficult to accomplish.

Types Of Transport Operations

There are three main types of transport system operating around the world, including:

1. Personal transport

2. Local transport

3. Global transport

In Ghana, there are different types of a transport business that helps in our daily activities.

Some are for goods only, and others are for the conveyance of passengers from one place to another.

The following are the types of transport business operating in Ghana:

  • Taxi business
  • Ride-hailing business (Uber)
  • Coach business
  • Truck business
  • Long vehicles (Goods Only) business
  • Motorcycle (Okada) business
  • Tricycle (Pragya) business

Though the motorcycle and tricycle business is not allowed for commercial use in Ghana, it seems many people prefer that to the rest, hence Government is planning to make it legal.

But due to the rise in transport fees and the lack of vehicles in some communities, the country has seen a rise in the motorcycle and tricycle business, with no interference of the law.

The transport business has become a part of human life, which has created a high demand for the business.

The transport business is yet to gain more attention due to the increase in urbanization.

Therefore, the business is a very lucrative one to invest in.

Things You Must Do Before Starting Transport Business In Ghana

The following are some things you must do, went you want to start a transport business in Ghana:

1. Build a good business plan that coincides with your start-up capital.

2. Buy your transport vehicle from a genuine and trusted car dealer.

3. A good transport vehicle is required.

4. License your vehicle.

5. A good and qualified driver with an up-to-date driver’s license.

6. Know your target market.

7. Find a loyal customer base.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Transport Business In Ghana

The cost involved in establishing yourself in the transport business ranges from 4,000 to 1,000,000 Ghana cedis depending on the type of transport business you are capable of investing in.

Is The Transport Business In Ghana Profitable

The transport business is the second in demand after the food business, and the transport system has become a part of our lives to help in our daily activities.

Therefore, the high demand for the transport business in Ghana has made the business a very lucrative one with a good profit flow.

An investor can gain between 60% to 80% of the profit when the right managerial skills are applied in the business operation.

Best Areas To Run A Profitable Transport Company

Below are some of the best places to start a transport business in Ghana

  1. Communities
  2. Business centers
  3. Market centers
  4. Residential areas
  5. Industrial areas
  6. Tertiary institutions

How To Run A Successful Transport Business In Accra & Kumasi

The list below is some of the measures to put in place for a successful transport business in Ghana:

  • The good condition of the transport vehicle is very important.
  • Ensure maintenance of your transport vehicle.
  • Find a qualified driver for your business to avoid issues with the law.
  • You need to find a trusted driver who will help make good sales.
  • Stay reliable to your clients.
  • A good customer relationship is required.

Challenges Facing The Transportation Industry In Ghana

The following are some of the challenges facing the transport business in Ghana:

  1. High taxation on importation
  2. Bad roads
  3. Bad vehicles for business
  4. High increase in petroleum prices
  5. Price increment of spare parts

Benefits Of Setting Up Transport Enterprise In Ghana

Below are some of the benefits of setting up a transport business in Ghana:

1. Job creation

2. Constant financial income

3. Have improved upon lives

4. Generates revenue for the government

5. Improved upon the efficiency of business operation

That is the necessary information we have for you on how to start a transport business in Ghana.


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