How To Start Importation Business In Ghana

How To Start Importation Business In Ghana – Import Business Ideas

Many think running an importation business in Ghana is for the rich, but in today’s guide, we will provide a guide for everyone who wants to know how to start an importation business in Ghana.

Some years ago, the importation business was specifically for investors who have huge capital to start business operation, but that is not the case today.

People from all walks of life operate today’s importation business.

Importation business is run under two-scale of operation, and they are:

1. Small Scale Importation – small scale importation is also called mini importation.

That is the act of purchasing goods in small quantities online from overseas and selling for a better profit in Ghana.

This scale of operation requires a little capital to start.

2. Large Scale Importation – this scale of importation is the act of importing goods in large quantity into the country when the investor makes a business trip to countries like Dubai, the U.S.A, China, and many others, and purchase goods from manufacturers.

This scale of operation comes with huge capital to start.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to focus more on how to start mini importation in Ghana.

Things To Consider Before Starting An Importation Business In Ghana

To start an importation business in Ghana, the investor has to put some things in place to help in business commencement, and they are:

1. Computer or mobile phone that can access the internet.

2. Active e-mail address

3. Home or office address where goods will be shipped to (note: P.O.Box and PMB does not qualify, but rather use your digital address)

4. Bank account with online payment systems like Visa or Mastercard

5. Find the right retailers who are willing to patronize you before importing goods

The Cost To Start Importation Business In Ghana

The cost of starting an importation business depends on the kind and quantity of goods an investor wants to deal in.

Therefore, the cost to start this business can be as low as 200 Ghana cedis.

Is Importation Business In Ghana Profitable

The importation business in Ghana is a very lucrative venture to invest in, and this is because a profit of (50 – 100) percent can be made out of purchased products.

This has made the importation business a well profitable business that is attracting countless investors daily.

Best Areas To Start Importation Business In Ghana

Importation business can be established at any place of convenience, providing you have the requirement to make a successful transaction online.

How To Make A Successful Importation Business In Ghana

To be a successful player in the importation business, the following have to be practiced:

1. Import goods with high marketing demand

2. Import quality products to meet the satisfaction of your customers

3. Find the right retailers willing to patronize you before shipping products to Ghana

Challenges The Importation Business Faces In Ghana

The only challenge faced in this business is the fear of getting scammed online, but there’s no room for fear when goods are purchased from the right place, such as AliExpress, DHgate,, and many other trusted online shopping websites.

Benefits Of Setting Up Importation Business In Ghana

1. The benefit of running this business is the overwhelming profit that comes with the business.

2. It creates revenue for the government since there is a tax on goods imported.

3. It has also made stocking of shop easier for retailers since the importer will receive goods and deliver it to retailers at no cost

That is the information we can provide on how to start an importation business in Ghana.

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