How To Start Hair Business In Ghana

How To Start Hair Business In Ghana – Hair Business Ideas

The hair of a woman has always played a major part in her beauty, and in this guide, we are going to provide you with information on how to start a hair business in Ghana.

The hair business in Ghana is a lucrative venture to invest in. This is due to the high demand for the types of hair sold in the market.

Below are the two types of hair sold in the hair business:

1. Human hair – they are stylish hair that comes in the most natural form and feels. In most cases, this type of hair can last between (1 – 3) years.

Due to their high-quality state, they come at a higher cost compared to other types of hair.

The following are the seven types of hair human hair:

a. Chinese hair

b. Indonesian hair

c. Indian hair

d. European/Caucasian hair

e. Peruvian hair

f. Brazilian hair

2. Synthetic hair – this type of hair is created from man-made fibers like polyester, acrylic, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that go through specialized technology to give it the appearance and feel of real hair.

This type of hair lack styling compared to that of natural hair, and have a life span of (4 – 6) months.

To stock your shop with human and synthetic hair, there are three categories you can choose from, including Choose By Hairstyle, Choose By Color, Choose By Hairpieces.

Choose By Hairstyle

Examples are:

1. Bob wigs

2. Pixie wigs

3. Curly wigs

4. Short wigs

5. Long wigs

6. Layered wigs

7. Straight wigs

8. Wavy wigs

9. Mid-length wigs

Choose By Color

Examples are:

1. Gray wigs

2. Blonde wigs

3. Black wigs

4. Brunette wigs

5. Red wigs

6. Rooted wigs

Choose By Hairpieces

Examples are:

1. Hair extensions

2. Bangs and fringes

3. Ponytails

4. Hair buns

5. Hair wraps

6. Headbands

7. Falls and half wigs

8. Hats and headcovers

Things To Consider Before Starting Hair Business In Ghana

Below are the requirements to start a hair business in Ghana:

1. Build a business plan that can meet your business capital.

2. Choice of business location – choose the right business location to help sustain the business.

3. Choose the right hair based on the hairstyle, color, and headpieces, and your choice should meet the high demand in the market.

4. License and register your business to help patronage gain trust that they are being fed with the right products.

5. Choose the right distributors or manufacturers when stocking your shop. This is because manufacturers and distributors sell at a reasonable and affordable price.

6. Advertisement is key in finding clients

How Much Does It Cost To Start Hair Business In Ghana

The cost involved in establishing yourself in the hair business can be high or low, depending on the type of shop you want to run.

Running on a small scale operation, it might cost between (1,500 – 2,000) Ghana cedis.

Also, operating on a large scale can cost a minimum of 10,000 Ghana cedis.

Is Hair Business Profitable In Ghana

The high demand on hair by women for their looks have made the business a lucrative one that is attracting new investor day in and out.

An investor can make a profit of (50 – 100) percent after stock sales.

Best Places To Start Business Hair Business In Ghana

Below are some of the best places to start a hair business in Ghana:

1. Homes

2. Small stores

3. Shops

4. Malls

How To Run A Successful Hair Business In Ghana

Here some vital measure you must ensure to make your hair business successful:

1. Choose good and affordable pricing that will help build your business and also benefit patronage.

2. Serve your clients with quality products

3. Good customer relationship is required

4. Good customer care must be practiced, as that will help you educate clients about products and also introduce to them new quality brands in the market.

5. Structure a delivery system

6. Stay reliable to your clients, so they don’t look elsewhere for products when you are out of stock.

7. You’ll face fierce competition from successful players in the hair business. Always accept the competition, and make your fair share of the competition.

8. Hard work and determination is a key factor to a successful business

Challenges Faced By The Hair Business In Ghana

The only challenge faced by the hair business in Ghana is the release of fake hair products in the market.

This might affect investors when clients patronize them and products fail to meet the standard of quality they are seeking for.

Benefits Of Setting Up Hair Business In Ghana

The list below are some of the benefits of setting up a hair business in Ghana:

1. The hair business comes with a high financial benefit

2. It has also created a job for professionals like hairdressers and hair retailers

3. It creates revenue for the Government due to taxes on importation.

This is the information we have at our disposal on how to start a hair business in Ghana.

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