How To Start A Lucrative Bodaboda Business In Nairobi

How To Start A Lucrative Bodaboda Business In Nairobi, Kenya In (2024)

In Kenya, transportation is very key in the everyday activities in Nairobi, as there is a movement of goods and services all day. So in today’s guide, we shall show you how to start a lucrative bodaboda business in Nairobi.

Nairobi is the most densely populated city hence the need for bodaboda drivers for efficient movement and transport of luggage. 

It requires very little capital to actually start off, and if one already has a bodaboda and the driving experience, he is ready to go.

How Much Capital Do I Need To Start A Bodaboda Business

To venture into this business, one requires to purchase a bodaboda.

The bodaboda in Nairobi may cost between 60,000 Kenya shillings to 160,000 Kenya shillings.

This is quite affordable for someone starting on a small scale.

Tips To Starting A Profitable Bodaboda Business

Here are some of the best tips to make your bodaboda enterprise successful in Kenya:

1. Make a business plan that will guide and help your business grow.

2. Get insurance for your bodaboda.

This will cover you as the rider, the passenger, the motorcycle, and any third party involved.

3. Save up some capital that you will use to start the business.

The bodaboda business requires small capital, and one can also take a loan to start the business.

4. Research more on the business you want to venture into.

Know its strength and weaknesses.

5. Make an effort to acquire all the necessary business permits and certificates.

6. Look for a suitable business location.

When venturing into this business, look for a place with potential customers, such as near hospitals, bus stops, or even colleges.

7. If you are going to expand your business, you will need to employ competent motorcyclists and ones that have a license.

Best Motorcycle Brands Suitable For Bodaboda In Nairobi

Some of the best bodaboda that one can purchase for the business include the following:

  • Boxer
  • TVs
  •  Day
  • Lion
  • Ranger
  • Suzuki
  • Yamaha

When buying a motorcycle, there are things you must consider. For instance, the price, size, fuel consumption, and engine size.

All this must match your standards and capital for the business.

Is The Bodaboda Business Profitable?

The bodaboda business is profitable as one may never luck a client carry or help him or her with luggage.

It is quite lucrative and very common in Nairobi, especially for the youth.

In a day, one can make 700 to 2000 Kenya shillings.

Again this depends on the location and traffic.

Challenges Facing The Motorcycle Enterprise In Nairobi

With every business, there are ups and downs.

The bodaboda business may sound lucrative and profitable, but it also faces challenges such as accidents that may claim lives and theft of motorcycles.

That is what you must know on how to start a lucrative Bodaboda business in Nairobi.

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