How To Register A Foreign Business In Ghana

How To Register A Foreign Business In Ghana, 2024, Follow These Steps

A foreign business has to go through a series of registration processes to gain the necessary permits and licenses to operate in Ghana. In today’s guide, we will guide you through the necessary procedures on how to register your foreign business in Ghana.

You’ll have to register your business with many government departments to be able to start a business operation. It is one of the vital factors you just consider before starting your business.

Before you can register a foreign business in Ghana, there so many things involved.

This article is going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on which government department or institution you’ll have to register your foreign business with.

The following is a step by step guide on how to register a foreign business in Ghana:

Step 1: Register Your Foreign Business  Under Registrar General Department

⦁ This registration process is carried out to get your company’s name registered.

⦁ Documents needed to help register under the Registrar General Department include;

1. TIN

2. Pick the right entity form, and it must be signed by all the company directors and secretary.

3. Articles of association of the company registered outside must be provided

4. Copies of the company regulations memorandum must be provided

5. Provide the constitution of the foreign company and must be endorsed by the Ghana Mission.

⦁ A registration payment of $1,200 must be made.

⦁ Duration for this process is (2 -3) weeks.

⦁ Check for the availability of your company name after the duration for processing is due.

⦁ You’ll then be provided with a business certificate when your business meets the requirement for approval.

Step 2: Register Under Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC)

⦁ Get your GIPC investor registration forms from GIPC offices.

⦁ Documents needed to carry out this registration include;

1. Registration form GIPC/R1 in duplicate

2. A copy of the company’s regulation

3. Certificate of incorporation

4. Marriage certificate

5. Residential documents

⦁ GIPC registration takes five days for approval

⦁ The cost of registration differs.

Step 3: Register Your Foreign Business With Bank Of Choice

⦁ Deposit the required paid-up capital ($500,000) to start a foreign business in Ghana into the bank account.

⦁ Documents required for this procedure include;

1. Copies of the company’s regulation

2. Certificate of incorporation and certification to commence business must be provided

3. Signature of authorized company representatives

4. Introductory letter from the company.

⦁ This process takes a day to complete with no charges.

Step 4: Register Under The Metropolitan Authority

⦁ This registration will help gain an operating business license/permit from the Metropolitan Assembly.

⦁ Documents required for this process are certificate of incorporation and certification to commence business.

There might be other documents to provide depending on the type and kind of business you run.

⦁ 270 Ghana cedis fees to be paid

⦁ The duration of this process is seven days.

⦁ An officer from the metropolitan assembly will visit business premises and send a report for approval or adjustment.

Step 5: Register Under The Ghana Fire Service

⦁ This process will help your business gain a fire certificate.

⦁ Documents required to carry out this process include;

1. Certificate of incorporation and certificate to commence business

2. Address to company’s building

3. Other additional documents

⦁ The cost involved varies depending on the kind of company you are running.

⦁ A one-day inspection is carried out. Therefore, processing duration depends on the outcome of the inspection.

⦁ An officer from the fire service safety department will visit the business premises to inspect fire hazards and fire extinguishers.

Step 6: Register Under The Electricity Company Of Ghana (ECG)

⦁ This registration process will help provide electricity for company operation.
⦁ Documents required for this process include;

1. Certification of incorporation and certificate to commence business

2. Company’s address and site plan

⦁ The duration of processing depends on the report made out of the inspection made by ECG personnel.

⦁ Charges depend on the location of your business.

Step 7: Register Under The Ghana Immigration Service

⦁ This process is required when a company wants to hire foreign nationals to help acquire work and residence permits for expatriates.

⦁ Documents involved in the process are:

1. An application letter for a residence permit from the company must be provided

2. Company’s documents

3. Residence permit form with three passport photographs

4. Approval letter from GIPC

5. Curriculum vitae

6. Police report from home country

7. Medical report

8. Employment contract

9. A copy of the company’s tax clearance certificate

⦁ The cost involved in carrying out this process ranges from (40 -250) Ghana cedis.

Step 8: Register Your Foreign Business With Social Security

⦁ This process will help you gain social security number for your business.

⦁ Documents involved are;

1. Certificate of company

2. TIN

3. Director profile and regulations

⦁ It takes seven days for processing with no charges involved.

Step 9: Register With Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

⦁ This procedure is only required for factory establishment.

⦁ This process will help obtain an environmental certificate.

⦁ Documents involved are certification of incorporation and certificate to commence business.

⦁ The cost involved is;

1. 5 cedis for EA 1 form

2. 7 cedis for EAZ form

⦁ The processing duration can take up to 25 days.

Step 10: Register Your Foreign Business Under The Ghana Standards Authority

⦁ This process will help gain a certificate of analysis.

⦁ Documents required for this process are certification of incorporation and certificate to commence business.

⦁ The duration of the processing certificate and the cost involved in the process all depend on the type of business established.

Step 11: Register Under The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA)

⦁ This process is only required for a business that produces food and drugs for public consumption.

⦁ The process will help gain a product certificate, facility license, and product approval.

⦁ Documents needed for the process include;

1. certification of incorporation

2. Certificate to commence business

3. Sample of products

4. Cover letter from local agents

5. Certificate analysis.

This is the information we can provide on how to register a foreign company in Ghana.

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