Business Ideas In Zimbabwe – List Of Profitable Business Opportunities In Zimbabwe

Are you searching for a complete list of business ideas in Zimbabwe? We have put together a comprehensive list of profitable business opportunities in Zimbabwe and many other parts of the African continent.

As you may see in the various sections of this entrepreneurial guide, identifying a profitable venture is not enough for the success of your business.

You need to turn those ideas into enterprises that can generate revenue for your business and the society at large.

The following are the list of business ideas in Zimbabwe:

1. Catering Business In Zimbabwe

Today’s catering business is booming with birthdays, weddings, business dinners, and you can use this business opportunity to your advantage. Before you start this business, consider certain factors.

Catering is one of the most profitable business ideas in Zimbabwe.

What will you offer in your catering business?

We have to know what kind of food we are going to offer, since we have options such as traditional, exotic, design food, etc.

We must also take into account if the food will be prepared for the event or it will be stationed at a particular place.

Analyze the competition in the food industry.

We have to study the rest of the catering companies, know what they offer, and their prices. It is important to know the actual dynamics of the market.

The main objective of any company should be the need of your customers and competitive prices.

Choose suppliers and human capital.

To operate a catering company, it is unnecessary to have a large workforce or a large infrastructure.

The most appropriate for the start is having personnel for the realization of specific services, such as administrative, accounting, and commercial, staff that manages the warehouse, kitchen staff, and waiters.

You must bear in mind that the selection of suppliers is essential to have good material, machinery.

Therefore it is very necessary to have a great knowledge of the food sector and the market in which it is planned to operate.

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2. Transport Business In Zimbabwe

This is another profitable business ideas in Zimbabwe.

The transport industry can be very profitable; however, this sector turns out to be very competitive at times.

Many transport companies try to enter the business every year and end up failing.

This problem mainly affects people who are very good at driving but do not know how to run the business business.

Knowing how to manage and grow your truck business goes beyond knowing how to drive a truck or choosing the best route.

3. Brick Moulding Business In Zimbabwe

Undoubtedly, one of the most important business ideas in Zimbabwe is the construction material business since the demand is always high.

4. Goat Business Idea In Zimbabwe

What makes a goat business In Zimbabwe profitable?

The increased demand for goat meat and also goat-related products has resulted in that lucrative business.

However, milk production and hiding bring great benefits as well.

Goat breeding is not that difficult, even if you are just starting out in the business.

Most beginners find that there is a very high success rate in this line of business.

Now listen, if you want to create a profitable goat business in Zimbabwe, there are a few considerations you should actually keep in mind, and this article will give you a summary of those things.

The first thing you have to actually decide is the breed of the goat you want to rear. It is extremely essential that you acquire goats that are strong, fertile, and healthy.

It is necessary to note that there are a variety of goats, and you must select wisely.

For a profitable goat company, the goat breed you choose is key to your success.

For this reason, you must put a lot of effort into choosing the right goat breed for your business.

In this regard, you may need to consult with a goat farmer who is well established for some advice.

As you may have seen, goat rearing is one of the best business opportunities in Zimbabwe.

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5. Make Liquid Soap

Liquid soaps are usually other profitable businesses and easier to carry out.

Besides, you do not need any sophisticated machines to make them.

You only need to have the ingredients and desire; if you want in the blog, there is more information on making it.

6. Potatoes Business Opportunities Zimbabwe

If done in a rational and scalable way, potato cultivation can be a good source of income.

All you need is a well-drained, fertile soil with a pH of 5.2 to 6.7.

Exposure to direct sunlight is also essential.

Quality potato seeds and the optimal soil condition are the two most important factors for a potato farm’s success.

The purchase of potato seeds represents approximately 50% of the total expenditure you may incur as a startup.

You may also need a well-fermented fertilizer, and, of course, rent agricultural machinery to plant and harvest the potato (it is an intensive job to plant or manually dig up the potatoes on a large scale).

A great advantage of potato cultivation is the long storage period (up to one year), which allows producers (who can store potatoes) flexibility and many options in terms of prices and geographical marketing of their production.

7. Profitable BeeKeeping Venture In Zimbabwe

Beekeeping is an exciting world where we connect with nature while offering good quality honey and other original products for domestic or industrial use.

As with other crops or livestock ventures, the first year of participation is introductory, and most beekeepers see this as trial and error.

You must first obtain state approval in some countries, take preparation courses, or obtain a license before starting a beekeeping center.

In Zimbabwe, however, much is not required as a regulation. It is essential to know that a bee sting can be lethal for a person allergic to bee stings.

Do this business at your own risk.

In addition to producing quality honey and other products, bees are also important for the pollination of plants, as they transfer pollen from the male parts to the female segment of a flower of the same varieties, something that is necessary for the reproduction of many plants.

Farmers place hives near their fields (especially cotton, tomato, pepper, almond fields, etc.) for pollination of their crops, since bees represent at least 80% of all pollinating insects.

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8. Start Fish Farming

Fish farming is an economic activity that requires a consistent investment, but not very high, according to the production that must be achieved and the type of fish.

The raising of fish takes place in ponds or lakes where the producer can have total control of the fish production and must practice with strict animal husbandry standards and constant supervision of specialists.

Many factors lead to successful establishment, among which are:

  • Choosing the right location, according to the fish that will be created.
  • The correct choice of the species that will be created.
  • The construction of adequate facilities (tanks and other facilities that will be needed).
  • The provision of adequate food rations, so it is a good conversion of these foods into the fish’s actual weight.
  • Control of hygiene and diseases.
  • Water collection and treatment.
  • The right conditions for the preparation and transport of products.
  • Efficient marketing channels.

Problems that may arise in your fish hatchery business

One of the most significant challenges in fish farming is an investment because there is a need for large infrastructure investments for the fish farm’s takeoff.

The other problem is the sustainability of fish farming over time.

Because if we are not constant, persevering and patient, we can have great losses of money.

Not only investment in money is required, but also in time and presence. If we have set up a fish farm, we have to dedicate time and effort to take it forward.

Tips for your fish business to succeed

We suggest you investigate very well before starting the fish breeding business.

This is because the human resources that have to do with fish farming in one way or another are first of all you, as the owner and investor of the fish farm, that you must have the capacity of production.

You must also invest financial resources in your projects, acquire knowledge in the subject, and always be interested in your business’s activity.

9. Start Broiler Farming In Zimbabwe

We often talk about the poultry business in Zimbabwe, which involves raising geese chickens, ducks, and turkeys to sell meat or eggs.

It is a lucrative business idea that needs a lot of work, time, and commitment to obtain good profits.

The most traditional bird to raise and sell their meat or eggs in Zimbabwe are chickens.

Yes, poultry is one of the lucrative business ideas in Zimbabwe.

Starting a poultry business can be very lucrative, as long as it is done correctly.

Chicken meat and eggs are very popular foods worldwide, so it will always be profitable in Zimbabwe and other African countries.

The idea is to turn the small business into a large company devoted to the raising of chickens.

So take your time to learn all about raising chickens and about their market.

As it is with any livestock farming, it is necessary to have ample space.

You can quickly start the business in your garden until you get a field or another larger enterprise.

Now, if you choose to rent or buy a piece of land, you should look for one that has an easy way to the urban area or the market.

Should you set up your poultry business near a town or city in Zimbabwe, your business has many more possibilities to grow and be successful.

Before starting your poultry enterprise, you must choose which breed of chicken to breed since there are many varieties, which are classified as light, medium, and heavy.

Each breed has different care and feeding.

So the typical thing is that you look for information in your area about which ones are marketable.

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10. Offer Loans To Small Business

As we all know, asking for a bank loan is not an easy task because they require many requests and do not talk about the interest rate.

Therefore, online loan companies are in high demand, becoming a great business opportunity for 2018.

Here is a great option if you have a lot of capital and do not know what to do.

That is before you start, you must learn what you have to collect when you start this type of business.


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