Branding Business Ideas In Kenya

Branding Business Ideas In Kenya – How to start a branding business in Kenya

To Start a branding business in Kenya is not quite an easy task for many. A lot of people start but give up due to low demand or no market at all.

But with the right marketing strategy and location, this type of business can turn your world around.

What Does Branding Enterprise Involve

Branding involves making logos, typography, and packaging. Branding is an art that is intangible but represents emotion.

It is visual, human, and historical in some cases.

When branding, make sure your work is something:

  • Memorable – something that creates a permanent memory
  • Likable – It should be liked at first appearance
  • Meaningful – The branding should represent something meaningful.
  • Adaptability
  • Transferable
  • Protectable

Cost Of Starting A Branding Enterprise In Kenya

A branding business does not require that much capital. Actually, 20,000 shillings should be enough to rent a small space and set up your own business with samples of your branding work.

Tips To Start A Branding Business In Kenya

To start a Branding Business in Kenya, here are some good tips to consider:

1. Conduct research on your target audience and competitors who have ventured into the same industry.

2. Know what they want, what is in most demand, what is their greatest strength and weakness in the business.

3. Choose what you want to concentrate on. Let it be something you love doing and have a passion for it.

4. Choose a trendy business name that will draw people’s attention.

5. Know how you want your brand to really look like. Let it be of bright colors and attractive font to get people’s attention.

6. Design your unique logo. Some of the well-known logos include the Facebook logo, Twitter logo, Google chrome logo, and IBM.

7. Choose a location that the business can run smoothly

8. Register your business and ensure you pay taxes to the KRA.

9. Acquire the right business permits and insurances to run your business smoothly.

10. Advertise your branding business on social media to get more customers.

Right Way To Choose A Good Place To Start A Branding Enterprise

When looking for a perfect place to set up your branding business, look for a place with the target audience.

That is a place where no one can fail to notice you.

For instance, outside universities, near shopping malls, near recreational centers, and even on main roads.

Types Of Branding Business Ideas In Kenya

When starting a branding business, know exactly which type of branding you are interested in.

Below are the types of Branding Business ideas in Kenya:

1. Online branding

2. Personal branding

3. Retail branding

4. Offline branding

5. Service branding

6. Product branding

7. Corporate branding

That is all you must know on how to start a branding business in Kenya.


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